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About Us

Blue Bison, Inc. is a 100 percent Native American family-owned and operated Environmental Remediation Specialty Company. Our purpose is in creating safer communities by removing and re-mediating asbestos, lead, and mold throughout the state of New Mexico and the Navajo Nation. 

We are fully licensed and insured and strictly adhere to all local and nationwide rules and regulations. Our Team is more than capable of handling various job sizes ranging from small-scale residential jobs to large-scale commercial and industrial projects. In addition, we can also manage demolition and renovation projects of any magnitude.

 Lead, mold, and asbestos are hazardous materials that can pose serious health risks to you, your employees and loved ones. This requires an experienced company that can refurbish your home and/or business to a safe and healthy state, so give us a shot at your business and you will find that our price, service, and quality cannot be beat.  

Blue Bison consists of:

Shawn Bitah - Owner

Ryan Yazzie - Supervisor/Estimator

Valaurie Yazzie - Office Manager

Our Services

Asbestos Abatement

We can be there from sampling building materials to determine which areas need to be abated and then safely removing and disposing of the asbestos to an approved landfill and finally conducting clearance, air samples, and closeout documentation for your protection. We can also replace removed materials in a manner of your choosing.


We can demolish areas of a building or the entire building and remove waste. If requested we can also build back on the site anything from an entire new building to the remodeling of a kitchen or bathroom. 

Lead Remediation

We can handle your lead project by stripping lead based paint from components or removing the components all together and properly disposing of the waste in an approved landfill. We also supply clearance and closeout documentation for your protection. 

Mold Remediation

We can be with you through the whole process of testing and determining which areas have been affected by mold growth to removing contaminated materials and fully spraying the area with a biocide and running air samples to ensure we have done a thorough job, followed by replacing the removed building materials with those of your choice. 


Blue Bison, Inc. can handle any size remodeling or renovation project. 


In the numerous years that Blue Bison, Inc. has been in the remediation industry, we have worked consistently with some partners while branching out in new areas. A brief listing of these projects are as follows: 

Asbestos & Mold Abatement 

· Presbyterian Hospital Services – DC Environmental, Inc.

· Residential Asbestos Abatement – Pueblo of Isleta, NM 

· Residential and Federal Asbestos Abatement – Pueblo of Laguna, NM 

· Asbestos Abatement, RAD II work, and labor support – Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL), Los Alamos, NM – SET, Inc.

· Mold and Biohazard - Pueblo of Sandia, NM

Asbestos and Mold Sampling

· Residential and Federal Asbestos Abatement and Surveying – Navajo Nation 

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Inspections

· 33 Schools on the Navajo Nation – New World Environment

Radon Testing 

· Santa Domingo Pueblo

RAD Workers 

· Los Alamos National Laboratories Support Work

Bloodborne Pathogen Remediation

· Hantavirus Remediation – Ya’ Ta’ Hey, NM 

· Hantavirus Remediation – Pueblo of Sandia, NM

Microbiological Remediation

Construction, including Demolition, Heavy Equipment and Excavation 


Our Team

Blue Bison, Inc. is a 100 percent Native American, family-owned and operated company. Our employees are dedicated to enhancing the lives in our communities through the delivery of high quality, customer- focused abatement services, which is unmatched throughout the industry. Every member of our team receives extensive training and continues to obtain education in various environmental hazards to ensure our clients are satisfied and protected.

Blue Bison takes pride in its standing as a young, fast-growing, reputable company looking to expand services in a dynamic industry. We strive to build strong, satisfying relationships with new and established clients.

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Blue Bison Inc.

4116 Jackie Road Southeast Suite 102, Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124, United States

Phone: (505) 340-3393

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